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About Applegate

With 45 strong, the Applegate team has been bringing value to commercial and residential construction in the Idaho area since 2013.

Our mantra has always been...

"We do the things other companies don't want to…or have time to"

– and that’s the god-to-honest truth.

We’re are a unique cavalry of construction, fabrication, custom metal work, paint, clean up – you name it.

We thrive on the "problem".

Our team has an extensive, eclectic and experienced background in all things construction. Everything we do is about giving the best possible quality within the safest possible conditions.

The safety of your employees, property and clients means as much to us as the well being of ours, which is why we strive to always use the best possible products with an unrelenting attention to detail.

Our goal is to elevate the efficiency of your trade, to keep construction on budget and on time.

It may sound like we’re beating a dead horse here, but our commitment to quality is what we’re most passionate about.  We’re that crazy band of guys that are happy jump on your construction site’s grenade.

So pull the pin, and toss it this way.


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